ASEA-Grahams Hissar AB is a result of when ASEA Decided to fusionate it´s own Elevator Division with Graham brothers in 1961. Two fameous brands became one even more fameous and ASEA-Graham Installed alot of elevators in different kinds and for different needs almost everywhere, In apartments, in Industries, in Hotels, In towers and even outside of sweden!

KONE OY, Wich had buisness in sweden already in 1958, became a partner in Asea-Graham in 1968, thus renaming it KONE ASEA-Graham in 1972.

KONE ASEA-Graham Ended up in KONE completly in 1974, Renaming it just KONE Hissar AB, wich it still names as. With this sucessful step, KONE is a very popular option for the swedish market today.

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KONE Hissar AB – KONE Sverige/Sweden

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