Railways in sweden came up pretty late in the 19th century, since recently channels were built for easier transports between Stockholm and Göteborg, two important cities in sweden trough history. But after mutch discussions, the first official railway, Västra Stambanan was built under the lead of Nils Ericson, same who built Göta Kanal, the channel between the cities. Many private persons built railways by their own, and it became a big network of railways trough sweden, with tehir own standards and traincars. when it was the biggest in the 50´s SJ Took over every each of them. some lines survived and are still owned by the today known Trafikverket, but many lines died out for several reasons, the biggest: Cars!

In today SJ has been splitted into several services, and also the railways became free market again…

Train manufacturers in sweden

  • ASEA / ABB RailCar
  • ADTranz
  • ASJ
  • Visby Mekaniska Verkstad (Graham Brothers)
  • Kockums
  • Kalmar Verkstad
  • Hägglunds & Söner AB
  • Hilding Carlsson AB
  • Nohab
  • TGOJ
  • Nyköpings Mekaniska Verkstad
  • Motala Verkstad / Motala Train

Train manufacturers outside of sweden

  • Alstom
  • Bombardier
  • CAF
  • Siemens
  • Orenstein & Koppel

Train Operators for Passenger service

  • SJ AB
  • Veolia Transport
  • Tågkompaniet
  • Arriva
  • Scandinaviske Jernbanor
  • DSB
  • NSB
  • Inlandsbanan AB

Train Operators for Cargo Service

  • Green Cargo
  • Cargonet
  • LKAB
  • TGOJ
  • DB

Other Train-Related Brands

  • Trafikverket
  • Strukton Rail
  • Transitio
  • Jernhusen


  • North (Norrland)
  • Middle (Swealand)
  • South (Götaland)
  • Gotland & Öland

More are comming soon.

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