Here is all my work as well as work published with permission from “Widenfalk”. What you find here is repaints, soundpacks and W.I.P. routes that you can download and try in your copy of Train Simulator.

My own Creations:

Lan X7 SoundPack
My first SoundPack that improves sounds of this X7 unit, and also includes a preview Picture of it in the Train Simulator menus.
Bergspasset Fictive Route
A Fictive Sandbox route for me to experiment on Train Simulator Route Building and to try out Scandinavian assets.
Dalabanan for Train Simulator
Drive a train from Borlänge to Falun in this unfinished and abandoned Project, or continue to build were I left off. (Abn.)
Nordlandsbanen for Train Simulator
Ever wanted to drive a Diesel-hauled Intercity Train? Now you can do it on this Norwegian Route (W.I.P.)
Mälardalen Rail Network for Train Simulator
Look forward for a wide-spread big rail Network in Middle sweden for Train Simulator 2016
Kirkenes-Bjørnvatn Line for Train Simulator
This isolated Railway used to be the northernmost Railway in the World!

Repaints from “Widenfalk”

SJ Repaints by Widenfalk
A set of several RC-locos repainted in various SJ
By Widenfalk.
Hector Rail Repaints by Widenfalk
A set of some RC3-locos repainted in various Hector Rail Class 143 Liveries.
By Widenfalk.
TÅGAB Repaints by Widenfalk
A set of several RC-locos repainted in various TÅGAB Liveries. (W.I.P)
By Widenfalk.

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