Elevators in sweden was in pretty cheap sollutions in history. Very small and simple elevators was very common in apartments houses. The elevators in apartments didn´t begun untill 1912, and they used to be gated inside with wooden door. and have an art-like interior.

In the 30´s the Funkis-styled houses begun in sweden, with simple interior-shaped elevators follows.

In the 40´s The gate removes with simple swing doors, that closes themself. Here also some really expensive Slide-doors and fully automated elevators on malls also begun.

In the 60´s the first Hydraulic elevators, based on Oil, begun, and in the mid 80´s the first digital-contolled elevators appear.

In 1995, the swedish law changed so all new elevator must have sliding doors and floor indicator inside, however, this didn´t affect older elevators at all, even if they begun to be modernised.

In 2007, however, the new European Elevator Directive started in europe, requiring almost all elevator to have inner-doors to protect all the passengers inside, with oher stuff so everyone can easily get in and use the elevator.

The big four

  • KONE (1905/1957-Nowdays)
  • Schindler (1800´s/1980´s-Nowdays)
  • OTIS (1800´s/1940´s-Nowdays)
  • ThyssenKrupp (1800´s/1950´s-Nowdays)

Swedish Brands

  • ASEA (1883-1987/Nowdays, as ABB)
  • Graham Brothers (1887-1961)
  • ASEA-Graham (1961-1972, Thereafter KONE ASEA-Graham untill 1974)
  • DEVE (1923/1960´s-1990)
  • Hiss-Craft
  • ALT (1995-Nowdays)
  • Svenska Tecnolift AB
  • HVILANs Mekaniska Verkstad (1922-1950/1980)
  • BPA
  • Inliftor (1980´s-90´s)
  • Motala Hissar AB
  • NTD
  • Cibes Hissar AB
  • Siemens
  • Kockums

Swedish Supplier

  • P Dahl Elektronik & Data AB
  • Hisstema
  • Hissmekano
  • Kinds Hisselektronik AB
  • Hydroware
  • Kinds Hisselektronik & Data

Brands outside Sweden

  • Schlieren
  • Flohr

Small Brands in Stockholm

  • St Eriks Hiss AB
  • HISSEN AB (ElMek.V.Freja, 1932-Nowdays)
  • Stockholms Hissar AB
  • Storstadens Hiss AB
  • I.T.K. AB
  • Unilift/Hissjouren Unilift AB (-2001)
  • Ekmans Hiss AB (-2001)
  • Hissjouren Ekmans AB (2001-2011)
  • Hissrenovering AB
  • Hissgruppen AB
  • WPM Hissservice AB
  • PH-Company
  • JP Sandströms Hisskonsult AB (2010?-)
  • C-E Söderlunds Hiss AB
  • Magnussons Hiss AB (-2006?)
  • Mattsons Hiss AB
  • Elektriska AB Lennström
  • Luth & Rosén
  • Poijés & Wettermark
  • Hiss & Elteknik AB
  • SMW Elevator AB
  • Åkes

Small Brands Elsewhere

  • HissCentralen (Örebro Län)
  • Dala Hiss AB (Dalarna – Hälsingland, 1990´s)
  • Midroc Electro (Gävle Län)
  • Värmlands El-Teknik (Värmlands Län)
  • Vinga Hiss AB (Göteborg / Västra Götaland)
  • Göteborgshissar (Göteborg)
  • Länets (Sundsvall)

Elevator Supplier outside Sweden

  • Schaefer (Germany)
  • Dewhurst (UK)
  • Bölkhe + Partner Bmgh (Ger.)

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