Look forward for a wide-spread big rail Network in Middle sweden for Train Simulator 2016

This route is in Work In Progress. The download is a beta version of the route and new updates appears regulary!

Project thread (In Swedish – But with Pictures)

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Mälardalen for Train Simulator by Andreas Ulvebring is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You can help!

Help us improve by building your own routes for this Project. all you need to do is to create a route that have the following Point of origin: 59.6099, 16.5449

NEW: You can also extend on our alreeady built routes by download an in-dev build here! Just follow the rules then! For scenario builders, the stable release shown in this website is more recommended!

Routes that are intended to be part of Mälardalen network:

– Godsstråket i bergslagen (ADDE, Hallsberg-Frövi – Fippe, Frövi-Fagersta)
– Mälarbanan (ADDE, Frövi/Hovsta-Västerås)
– Ostkustbanan (AlexSuperHD, Stockholm-Gävle)
– Sala-Oskarshamn (ADDE, Sala-Västerås)
– Dalabanan
– Bergslagspendeln (Fippe, Fagersta-Kolbäck)
– Bergslagsbanan between Frövi-Ställdalen-Gävle
– Norra stambanan between Gävle/Storvik och Ljusdal
– Nynäsbanan
– Västra stambanan between Stockholm och Hallsberg
– Södra stambanan between Katrineholm och Mjölby
– Nyköpingsbanan
– Svealandsbanan
– Örbyhus-Hallstavik
– Stockholm Central
– Värtabanan


Other lines in the region that I forgot to mention!

Bildresultat för mälardalen

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