Introducing the Download Area

So, today I present to you the Download area. The Place where you can download my content. When I finnished making my first Minecraft map, I needed somewere to put it up a proper download link were users could get trough and download my stuff. (I expect alot of users to download my content and I want them to read my terms & conditions, and get some profit from ads in my website)

As for now, it is still W.I.P. But the download link for my first minecraft map “The fallen Sand” is now fully aviable trough download. I will soon also fix DDLs for the Train Simulator Contents I also have uploaded in my website as well. So bear with me.

Oh, I also made a new header with a panorama Picture. What do you Think of it?



The design of the elevator of the year 2015



Hi! Here are some concept designs of how my videos presenting elevators in the elevator of the year competition might look like.

As you sent me in entries, I asked for titles. a big main title, and a small title above it. Alot of you misunderstood me as I wasn’t clear enough, so I will show you the design of how it is supposed to be:

Main title:


VS page:


Presenting the elevator, with this little and big title:


Alternative logotype:


SummerADDE is now aviable in swedish.

I have now created an swedish site called SummerADDE Sverige. It is just like this one, but in swedish. pretty mutch is translated to swedish, but still some places are in english. I have checked that all links there leads to rigth place, and not back to here again.



Welcome to the SummerADDE Network!

Well. this is my first launch of the website, useing the powerful tool of WordPress, to creating websites associatong with my three youtube channels.

This is my intial launch and i´m far from done with my sections. But i sometimes working very hard to built up my website to give you information that cannot be found somewhere else.

To-do List

  • Articles of elevator brands []
  • Articles of trains []
  • Articles of Railways []
  • Articles of Train stations []
  • Articles of Subway & Tramway systems []
  • Articles of AdventureADDE []
  • Articles of SummerADDE []